By Bedsfriends

We love the tropical vibes and good living. We like cuddling and welcome unconventional travelers that made each trip a unique moment, impregnating of the energy on each place, tasting their essence and degusting beats,feelings, livings.
Our philosophy, Living la vida chill, is helping our guests to slow down their steps and enjoy the simple things. A sunset, reading a good book on the hammock, a juice made of our special corners, a relax bath…. Sensations that get incorporated on the skin, and make them leave the accelerated rhythms of everyday life.

The friends are travel colleagues that helps us to go for a way of happy life. We become on hosts and friends who love their soil and respect it, they spread love to the nature, to the hands who works with and everything that derive of this philosophy of living free and chill.

Living la vida chill goes to a chill existence, without rushing and cooking our own steps on a slow fire. A diet of the urban and frenetic rhythm. Return to connect with the simple things and learn to walk slow. We are space creators and dream executors. The current craziness is rescue the old living ways and redecorate them. We create our own “words”, we dust off dreams and we challenge ourselves to fly. Everything is possible and everything is allowed on the chill living, because all is new.


We put our own “norules”, for the people who come, and let them guided for Yolotl quiero (heart

Concepts like disfrubajar (enjoy-work), parapasear (take a relax walk), bedSpacio, bedSpacios, kilómetro cero (kilometer zero), apapachar (cuddle), a huevo (mexicanism of yes), bedsfriendando, Yolotl quiero, they becone of our words dictionary and our life living, living la vida chill.

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